Khalil Mamoon Hookah Disclaimer



Exterior Finish - Stem Quality

Khalil Mamoon Hookah stems are made by master artisans who pay close attention to detail in order to provide you with a product that smokes great, is easy to maintain, and lasts a good length of time. Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are hand made by Egyptian craftsmen. Beause the hookahs are hand made and not machine made, it is impossible to find a perfect looking hookah stem. You may find minor scratces and weld marks on the stem of the hookah.

Interior Finish - Stem Quality
Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are made in Egypt and are shipped directly from the factory; therefore, you may find dust and grease in the stem. It is recommended that you rinse and scrub the interior of your the hookah stem and the hose port before use in order to clean all the dust and grime.
Vase Quality
Khalil Mamoon Glass Vases are all hand painted; therefore, the vases will not look identical. The vases may contain minor scratches and bubbles in the glass work.
Khalil Mamoon Clay Bowl Quality
Khalil Mamoon Clay Bowls are hand made; therefore, there may be imperfections and color variations.

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