How To Hookah

How To Hookah!

10 Easy Tips from Hookah On Mars. It's really easy. It all depends what kind of a bowl your are using and how you are packing the bowl. Also, heat management is crucial, so make sure you don't overheat the bowl. We recommend the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System because you will no longer need to use foil. In addition to that, the flavor will taste cleaner because you are not putting the charcoal directly on the foil.

It is best to use water in the base; however, you can use Orange Juice or Fruit Punch instead of water. You can also add fresh Mint Leaves, Orange Slices, Mandarin Slices, and other fruits in the base. Do NOT put alcohol in the base!

If you want to get the best smoke out of your hookah, then you have to pack the bowl properly. To make this easy, you can use the Kaloud Lotus as a heat management tool. It will greatly impact your hookah session experience. If you want to get a littly creative, then you can make a Fruit Bowl out of an Apple, an Orange, or a Pineapple! A Fruit Bowl will enhance your hookah experince 0 to 100 real quick! You can make a fruit bowl in less than 5 minutes. Do it! :)

​1. Buy a Hookah

2. Buy a Hookah Bowl

3. Buy Hookah Shisha

4. Buy Charcoal

5. Setup your hookah

6. Add water in the base, 2" above the stem

7. Pack a bowl, we recommend the LULE Ephesus Glass Bowl, or a Fruit Bowl! You can make a fruit bowl in less than 5 minutes!

8. Start the charcoal, make sure they're glowing red!

9. Put foil on the bowl and poke some holes on it. We recommend the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System

10. Put the coals on the foil or inside the Kaloud Lotus and enjoy your hookah session.

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