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Fumari White Gummi Bear 100G
151 In Stock

With their tangy and sweet flavor, White Gummy Bears are the reigning kings of the Gummi World! Fuma..

$9.00 $11.00

Haze What a Mint 250G
Out Of Stock

Haze What a Mint 250G Iced Out Peppermint Cream ..

$15.99 $17.99

Kaloud Lotus Hookah Heat Management System
8 In Stock

Kaloud Lotus™ is a Heat Management Device that was designed and engineered to regulate the transfer ..

$44.99 $59.99

Pure FML 250G
61 In Stock

Pure FML 250G Intense Mint Flavor! It's like brushing your teeth cold sensation! ..

$21.99 $22.99

Fumari Lemon Mint 100G
169 In Stock

Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco is an original Fumari flavor creation. The taste is not too minty, and not..

$9.00 $11.00

Fumari Mandarin Zest 100G
169 In Stock

Fumari’s Mandarin Zest is a powerful flavor that blends the delicious sweetness of a mandarin orange..

$9.00 $11.00

Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummy Candy Rolls
14 In Stock

Haribo Mega-Roulette Gummy Candy Rolls Hookah Snacks! These are great snacks if you are waiting f..


Loyalty Program Subscription
21 In Stock

1 Year Hookah On Mars Loyalty Program Subscription Our Loyalty Program comes with many benefits. ..


Mars Chocolate Bar
Out Of Stock

Mars Chocolate Bar! Delicious chocolate, imported from Europe. Enjoy this with your hookah sessio..


Social Smoke Citrus Peach 250G
12 In Stock

Smooth, long lasting, and delicious, Social Smoke Tobacco is the result of 5 years of independent re..


Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu 250G
Out Of Stock

Social Smoke Japanese Yuzu 250G Smooth, long lasting, and delicious, Social Smoke Tobacco is the ..


Astro Crate Mini
Out Of Stock

Astro Crate is the Ultimate Monthly Shisha Package Subscription! Receive up to 350G of premium sh..


Astro Crate Pro
Out Of Stock

Hookah On Mars presents Astro Crate Pro, the Ultimate Monthly Shisha Subscription! What will b..


Haze Coconut Charcoal 108 Pieces
Out Of Stock

Haze™ Coconut Charcoal 108 Pieces   Quick and odorless. 100% all natural charcoal. M..


Haze Cucumberita 100G
Out Of Stock

Perfectly Balanced Cucumber Margarita Mix ..


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