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Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer

Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer

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    • BLOW EZ Pen 650mAh
    • T2 Blow Tank
    • Usb Charger
    • Wall Adapter
    • Lanyard
    Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer
    I ordered this product and it holds a charge great the size is very convenient but I have to pull my back out to be able to get a pull on it and I am not going to be able to vape that way
    Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer
    This e-cig hits well, but I just had my second one break for no reason. The first one, the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than like a few hours. Even though I charged it for 6 hours before I used it for the first time, and turned it off in between uses. So I took it back and exchanged it for a new battery. The cig was fine for about 2 weeks, then today when I pressed the button to hit it, the battery literally split in half and the button fell off. What the heck?! I say spend the extra $20 and get a higher quality e-cig.
    Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer
    My first vaporizer and I love it! "Smokes" great and tastes good too. Solid little piece!
    Blow EZ Pen Portable Vaporizer
    It produces nice clouds and smokes great. And every e-juice tastes great with this little vaporizer!

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